Nigeria is collapsing – Obi

The Vice presidential candidate of the PDP, Mr. Peter Obi has lamented what he called the indifference of some of those in the position of power over the  present condition of Nigeria. Obi was speaking yesterday at St. Joseph Catholic Church, during the burial of Prof. Linus Ilika, who was the Commissioner for Health during his tenure.

Obi said that the truth of the matter was that Nigeria was crumbling and yet those that should care carry on as if all is well. “The present condition of Nigeria requires all hand to be on deck. When I see the waste that still go on among individuals as well as government officials, one is prompted to believe that we are yet to realize the depth of the rot, ranging from security challenges, dwindling economy and lack of due attention to education”, Obi said.

Eulogizing Prof. Ilika, Obi described him as a good and kind man”, whose contributions helped to reshape the Health sector. In Obi’s words: “ We came into government without a single accredited health institution, with the commitment of people like Ilika, we ended up with over 12 accredited health institutions. It was during his tenure that we revived the grant-in-aid to hospitals in the state. He was part of the building and completion of a teaching hospital for the state from scratch. He also played a part in the creation of a wonderful  synergy between the the Church-owned hospitals and the Government.

Concluding, Obi  requested prayers from the congregation for  God to touch the hearts of those in authority to realize that money meant for the people should be used for the people.

Over 90 priests graced the occasion. Two former Deputy Governors, Mrs Virgy Etiaba and Mr. Emeka Sibeudu were also present. About 9  Former Commissioners led by Prof Chinyere Stella Okunna graced the occasion.