Maduka Foundation /Maduka Movement DISCLAIMER

Date: 21th July 2021

Our Ref: UMW/Dis/1


 *The United Movement Worldwide (UMW), is an association of Professionals, Corporate, Small and Medium businesses, Men and Women, Technocrats, Youths, Students living in Nigeria and Diaspora. Men and women who identified with United Movement Worldwide to develop communities in Anambra State, and ready to change the present state of Anambra State. The Movement will embark on a mission to re-integrate, re-educate and re-orientate the people of Anambra State.*

*The Movement is a Human-Machine, Thinkers, Developers, Pillars and Enablers to get the BEST and HUMAN FACE Governor to Agu Awka as the next Governor of Anambra State come November  2021.*


It has been brought to our attention that a group formally known as Maduka Foundation have now adopted our previous name Maduka Movement, living out the Worldwide to endorse our Principal Val Ozigbo.

This same group Maduka Foundation (now masquerading as Maduka Movement), worked against us (then Maduka Movement Worldwide) and frustrated our diligent effort to promote Dr Maduka.

We were strategic to see the writing on the wall earlier enough to experience the negative intrigues in Maduka Camp perpetrated by these Maduka Foundation (now masquerading as Maduka Movement).

Since we ceased supporting Dr Godwin Maduka, we changed our name to *UNITED MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE.*

The decision we took to stop promoting Dr Godwin Maduka as an independent movement on time before the primaries was timely AND PAID-OFF.

We therefore, issue a disclaimer with our movement, the public and our Principal not to be deceived or confused by the group masquerading as Maduka Movement, because they do not understand the philosophy and purpose behind the movement.

We bring to your notice reasons why we decided to support Val Ozigbo. The United Movement Worldwide (UMW), after lesson learned from the intrigues and characters experienced from Maduka Camp, took diligent scrutiny after being approached by some aspirants decided to support Val Ozigbo. We profiled Val Ozigbo and found him the most capable person to be the Governor of Anambra State.

Ndi Anambra needs:

  1. A global personality with the right program for Ndi Anambra.
  2. A governor and political leader with integrity, capacity and competence to govern a State like Anambra State.
  3. Someone with the right emotional intelligence and vision.
  4. A personality with vision, conviction, trustworthy and compassion.
  5. A person that will encourage entrepreneurship and community development.

We believe Val Ozigbo possess all the above and UMW will campaign to re-integrate, re-educate and re-orientate the people of Anambra State to deliver Val Ozigbo to Agu Awka in November 2021.


Christian Onuorah                                                                           Hon Obiora Wisdom Anusi

Coordinator/Chair                                                                           Europe Coordinator/Deputy chair

United Movement Worldwide (UMW)                                  United Movement Worldwide (UMW)