Insecurity: What Ozigbo brings to the table.

The insecurity challenge in Anambra state has assumed a formidable dimension that not only requires a multistakeholder approach, but also necessitates a revival and reinforcement of moral values and virtues.

The thirst for blood and the preference for violence in expressing pent-up frustration and disenchantment is a pointer to the need to revive moral values and virtues within the socioeconomic, political, religious and educational institutions in the country.

Anambra leaders, politicians, and their followers must be forced to uphold high moral standards and lead by example to avoid heating the polity unnecessarily by conducts and comments which may be inciting.

Despite the high-security vote state
governments receive every month, there is greater insecurity in Anambra States. Some of these monies find their way into the pockets of some highly-placed private citizens, leaving the hapless citizens to the mercy of criminals and sociopaths.

Unfortunately, the armed forces, paramilitary establishments, and the police under federal control are weak, heavily politicized, and poorly funded. This status quo makes it easy for the nation’s security to be compromised.

2021 happens to be a defining year for my people in my beloved home state of Anambra. We will be heading to the polls to elect a new leader. I am excited about the prospects before us to re-chart the trajectory of leadership in our state. I believe that by November when the governorship election will hold, the choices before my people will be clear.

“I am placing my bets on the collective intelligence of the Anambra people to choose right. It is this hope in our humanity that drives my quest to lead my people. It is my unshakable belief that we can do better as a people that keeps me fueled. It is my grand vision for Ndi Anambra that propels me in this quest”

The above is a quote from Mr Valentine Ozigbo, a man who effortlessly embodies the qualities of a leader who feels the pulse of the everyday person.

Ozigbo is the immediate past President and Group CEO of Transcorp Plc, a conglomerate with interests in hospitality, Founder of Valentine Chineto Ozigbo Foundation, a non-profit focused on youth empowerment and building future leaders.

During his time with Transcorp, it was awarded a the best business hotel in Africa and one of the most secured pieces of properties in Nigeria. Having interfaced with all kin