Insecurities in Anambra State.. the Time to Look Inwards to Seek for Solution.

Insecurities in Anambra State.. the Time to Look Inwards to Seek for Solution.

The level of insecurities in the country had deepened its negative effect on all parts of the country. No doubt, Nigeria’s insecurity had a trickle-down on her economy which left the countrymen in a state of jeopardy.

As it concerns Anambra state, though we are not exceptional from the negative trend in the country. The increase in the loss of the internal security mechanism of Anambra state had contributed immensely to the sad occurrence of killings in Anambra state nowadays. I could remember vividly how communal security men prevented crime in the various communities of Anambra state between 2010 and 2015. As of 2016 till now, the state of insecurity in Anambra has been in increase.

It baffles that our printing, digital and social media had been parading Anambra state as the most secured state while people are being robbed and killed in broad daylight in Onitsha, Awka, and other parts of Anambra state from 2016 till now. The case of kidnapping was indeed reduced in the state due to the law initiated by Mr. Peter Obi’s administration which saw many kidnappers killed and their houses destroyed, but other criminal activities had continued to rampage the citizenry since 2016 in Anambra. Shockingly, gunshots are common in the streets of Anambra. I have wondered where all those guns are coming from. The increase of Agboros in Onitsha also gave rise to robbery in the state.

Sometimes last year, Gov. Obiano launched CCTV to monitor, dictate, and help to capture criminals in the state which was celebrated by every well-meaning Onye Anambra, believing that no criminal in the state will escape from their crimes but unfortunately, the CCTV seems not working while billions of Naira appropriated for it had gone.

Today in Anambra, no one including men of military and paramilitary can boost of being safe due to the failure of our government to provide the necessary alternatives to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

Recently, several young men were killed in Awka which calls for a serious review in the security system of the state, but it seems like the state leadership is not much concerned with the state of insecurity in the state as their media officials are keenly focusing on the Airport media hype.

Having seen and accessed the poor manifestation of Obiano’s administration as regards creating an economy, securing lives and properties, etc, Ndi Anambra must look inwards to elect a Governor whose appetite is to secure, promote, and reaffirmed the greater Anambra we are long yearning for.

Anambra can’t move forward if we fail to seek a panacea that will transverse Anambra state. Therefore, it’s paramount that we must elect an enthusiast of a greater Anambra so that insecurity, unemployment, etc, will be history in Anambra state.

Certainly, the man with the mantra of #KaAnambraChawapu had proven to be the most enthusiastic person with the vision of making Anambra state great.