2023: Valentine Ozigbo Under Pressure To Run For Senate

Members of ANVO, consists of twenty-one (21) Local Government Areas of Anambra State, under the auspices of ( www.vcozigbo.com) ANAMBRA NEEDS VALENTINE OZIGBO FORUM (ANVOF), has urged the PDP 2021 Governorship Election flag bearer, His Excellency, Valentine Ozigbo, to contest for senatorial seat of Anambra South District in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

In a communique signed by the founder of the group, Amb Justin Okechukwu Kingland (DrM), a UN (DESA) Change Ambassador for Peace and Humanity, after a crucial meeting held in Zoom over the weekend, the group said there was the need for the VCO to remain active in politics in order to continue to do good, as well as attract more development to not only in Anambra South, but to Ndi Anambra at large because ndi be anyi si na isi baa ulu obalu aguba, simply means, any success story VCO brings to Ndi Anambra South is for all ndi Anambra State .

Part of the communique reads: VCO empowered many youths Ndi Anambra State. He has placed some of us in various lofty positions. Members of Anambra Needs Valentine Ozigbo in general are beckoning on His Excellency “VCO” to declare his interest to contest for senate in 2023…

In a chat faceofagulu had with the founder of the ANAMBRA NEEDS VALENTINE OZIGBO FORUM (ANVOF), Amb. Dr. Justin Okechukwu Kingland (DrM) he said, in quote ” I’ve received sincere clarion call from not only the youths, but from some very important persons asking me to persuade VCO to run for Senate. Anyway, I’ve given it a thought and decided to come up with this artwork to illustrate the intentions of ndi Anambra State for VCO”..

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