Today, I mark a significant milestone in my career (VALENTINE OZIGBO)

Today, I mark a significant milestone in my career as I step down from my seat on the Boards of Directors of Transcorp Hotels Plc and Transcorp Plc, having also just done the same on the Board of Transcorp Power Limited.

About ten years ago, I was on the way to the airport with my wife and children. We were jetting out to China for a family adventure when I received a phone call. It was my former boss at UBA Plc. He invited me to interview before the Board of Transcorp Plc and insisted that I immediately come over to the company’s Ikoyi office.

My family went on to board the plane without me. Two hours later, I was seated before business tycoons like the now late oil magnate, High Chief Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, and other members of the Transcorp Board. I interviewed for the role of Transcorp’s Executive Director of Finance. With 17 years of banking experience, most of it in international banking and a Masters of Science in Finance, I felt that the job was a perfect fit. But my fate, and my mentor, had a different plan. I must have impressed the Board so much that I ended up with a job offer as the Managing Director of Trancorp Hotels Plc. So the most exciting chapter of my career began.

As the first-ever MD/CEO of Transcorp Hotels Plc since its privatisation in 2005, I was responsible for transforming the hotel into the premier destination in Africa. Eight years later, when I left the hotel’s helm, we had undergone a globally celebrated transformation and became the undisputed top business hotel on the continent. With several global hospitality awards, including the Seven Stars CEO of the Year awards, Transcorp Hilton Hotel had become iconic. Trancorp Hotels Plc remains the leader in the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

In January 2018, I was elevated to President and Group CEO of our parent company, Transcorp Plc. In March 2020, I stepped down from my position to dedicate the next chapter of my life to public service.

It was a rare privilege and honour to have been asked to remain on the Boards of Trancorp Plc,Transcorp Power Limited and Trancorp Hotels Plc. Today, I bow out from all these boards as my new adventure into public service enters a new critical phase.

The last decade has been a wonderful time of building, learning and growth, and I am grateful to the many phenomenal humans I met and worked with along the way. At Trancorp Plc, I encountered nothing but angels and made only friends, and I will forever cherish the memories we made together.

My Transcorp story would have never happened if God had not sent a particular special angel into my life. I met him in 2004 when he hired me to work in the then Standard Trust Bank (now UBA Plc). It has been an incredible 13 years of transformational business mentorship, and I am forever grateful to Mr Tony O. Elumelu CON, my leader and friend, for giving me a chance, bringing me into his universe, and for always believing in me.

Tony O. Elumelu is one of the greatest entrepreneurs, innovators, and thinkers to emerge from Africa. I am confident that he will continue to lead Transcorp Plc to new levels of rapid advancement and superior performance in the hospitality, power, energy, oil and gas, and technology industries. He has all it takes to rule the world; he has already changed the world seven times and counting.

I congratulate our newest Board members, Mr Victor Famuyibo and Mallam Ahmadu Hamman Sambo, and the two new additions to Transcorp’s Executive Management Team, Engr. Vincent Ozoude and Mr Peter Ikenga join us as the Managing Directors/CEO of Trans-Afam Power Limited and Transcorp Energy Limited, respectively. I welcome them to the Transcorp family and pray their time in Transcorp is as wonderful as mine has been.

With the management of Transcorp Plc, Transcorp Hotels Plc and Transcorp Power Limited in the hands of Owen Omogiafo, Dupe Olusola and Chris Ezeafulukwe, with these two additions, I am confident that the Transcorp Group will surpass our ambitious goals.

My first project in my next chapter is to win the confidence and mandate of my people in Anambra State to lead them into a new era of peace, possibilities, and prosperity. The prospects are brilliant, and the future is even brighter.

Thank you, and God bless us all.

Valentine Ozigbo is a man of Dignity

One morning at our Law Faculty, when our new Lecturer for “Introduction to Rights” entered the lecture hall, the first thing he did was to ask the name of a student who was seated on the first bench: “What is your name?”

“My name is Justin, Sir.”

“Leave the classroom and I don’t want to ever see you in my class ever!” screamed the unpleasant lecturer.

Justin was bewildered. When he got hold of his senses, he got up quickly, got hold of his books and left the classroom.

All were scared and angry; however nobody spoke anything.

“Well, let’s start the class,” said the new lecturer. “What purpose do the enacted laws serve?”

We were afraid, but slowly gained confidence and we began to answer his questions.

“So that there is order in our society.”

“No!” the teacher shouted.

“So that people pay for their wrong actions?”

“No! Doesn’t anybody here have enough brains to know the answer to see this question?!” asked the teacher, sarcastically.

“So that there is justice,” said a girl timidly.

“At last! One person who is not a complete moron! That’s correct…. so that there is justice. And now, what is the use of justice?”

All of us were extremely uneasy with his rude attitude. However, we continued trying to answer….

“To safeguard human rights.”

“Well, what more?” asked the teacher.

“To differentiate right from wrong and to reward the good.”

“Ok, that’s not bad. However, answer this question: Did I act correctly when expelling Justin from the lecture hall?”

All were quiet, nobody answered.

“I want a decisive and unanimous answer!” he shouted.

“No!” we all replied in unison.

“Then could you say I committed an injustice?”


Then his voice softened and he asked, “And why did nobody do anything in that respect? So why do we need rules and laws if we don’t have the necessary will to practice them? Each one of you has an obligation to do something when you witness an injustice. ALL of you! Do not stay quiet, never again! Go and call Justin,” he said staring at me.

On that day, I received the most practical lesson in my course of Law. When we don’t defend our rights, we lose our dignity, and dignity is not negotiable.

Valentine Ozigbo is a proven man of dignity . He will always speak for us , his has been tested , trusted , brave, a

transformational leader

and always speaks out without fear or favour for the weak and vulnerable ..


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Nigeria is collapsing – Obi

The Vice presidential candidate of the PDP, Mr. Peter Obi has lamented what he called the indifference of some of those in the position of power over the  present condition of Nigeria. Obi was speaking yesterday at St. Joseph Catholic Church, during the burial of Prof. Linus Ilika, who was the Commissioner for Health during his tenure.

Obi said that the truth of the matter was that Nigeria was crumbling and yet those that should care carry on as if all is well. “The present condition of Nigeria requires all hand to be on deck. When I see the waste that still go on among individuals as well as government officials, one is prompted to believe that we are yet to realize the depth of the rot, ranging from security challenges, dwindling economy and lack of due attention to education”, Obi said.

Eulogizing Prof. Ilika, Obi described him as a good and kind man”, whose contributions helped to reshape the Health sector. In Obi’s words: “ We came into government without a single accredited health institution, with the commitment of people like Ilika, we ended up with over 12 accredited health institutions. It was during his tenure that we revived the grant-in-aid to hospitals in the state. He was part of the building and completion of a teaching hospital for the state from scratch. He also played a part in the creation of a wonderful  synergy between the the Church-owned hospitals and the Government.

Concluding, Obi  requested prayers from the congregation for  God to touch the hearts of those in authority to realize that money meant for the people should be used for the people.

Over 90 priests graced the occasion. Two former Deputy Governors, Mrs Virgy Etiaba and Mr. Emeka Sibeudu were also present. About 9  Former Commissioners led by Prof Chinyere Stella Okunna graced the occasion.

Insecurity: What Ozigbo brings to the table.

The insecurity challenge in Anambra state has assumed a formidable dimension that not only requires a multistakeholder approach, but also necessitates a revival and reinforcement of moral values and virtues.

The thirst for blood and the preference for violence in expressing pent-up frustration and disenchantment is a pointer to the need to revive moral values and virtues within the socioeconomic, political, religious and educational institutions in the country.

Anambra leaders, politicians, and their followers must be forced to uphold high moral standards and lead by example to avoid heating the polity unnecessarily by conducts and comments which may be inciting.

Despite the high-security vote state
governments receive every month, there is greater insecurity in Anambra States. Some of these monies find their way into the pockets of some highly-placed private citizens, leaving the hapless citizens to the mercy of criminals and sociopaths.

Unfortunately, the armed forces, paramilitary establishments, and the police under federal control are weak, heavily politicized, and poorly funded. This status quo makes it easy for the nation’s security to be compromised.

2021 happens to be a defining year for my people in my beloved home state of Anambra. We will be heading to the polls to elect a new leader. I am excited about the prospects before us to re-chart the trajectory of leadership in our state. I believe that by November when the governorship election will hold, the choices before my people will be clear.

“I am placing my bets on the collective intelligence of the Anambra people to choose right. It is this hope in our humanity that drives my quest to lead my people. It is my unshakable belief that we can do better as a people that keeps me fueled. It is my grand vision for Ndi Anambra that propels me in this quest”

The above is a quote from Mr Valentine Ozigbo, a man who effortlessly embodies the qualities of a leader who feels the pulse of the everyday person.

Ozigbo is the immediate past President and Group CEO of Transcorp Plc, a conglomerate with interests in hospitality, Founder of Valentine Chineto Ozigbo Foundation, a non-profit focused on youth empowerment and building future leaders.

During his time with Transcorp, it was awarded a the best business hotel in Africa and one of the most secured pieces of properties in Nigeria. Having interfaced with all kin

Insecurities in Anambra State.. the Time to Look Inwards to Seek for Solution.

Insecurities in Anambra State.. the Time to Look Inwards to Seek for Solution.

The level of insecurities in the country had deepened its negative effect on all parts of the country. No doubt, Nigeria’s insecurity had a trickle-down on her economy which left the countrymen in a state of jeopardy.

As it concerns Anambra state, though we are not exceptional from the negative trend in the country. The increase in the loss of the internal security mechanism of Anambra state had contributed immensely to the sad occurrence of killings in Anambra state nowadays. I could remember vividly how communal security men prevented crime in the various communities of Anambra state between 2010 and 2015. As of 2016 till now, the state of insecurity in Anambra has been in increase.

It baffles that our printing, digital and social media had been parading Anambra state as the most secured state while people are being robbed and killed in broad daylight in Onitsha, Awka, and other parts of Anambra state from 2016 till now. The case of kidnapping was indeed reduced in the state due to the law initiated by Mr. Peter Obi’s administration which saw many kidnappers killed and their houses destroyed, but other criminal activities had continued to rampage the citizenry since 2016 in Anambra. Shockingly, gunshots are common in the streets of Anambra. I have wondered where all those guns are coming from. The increase of Agboros in Onitsha also gave rise to robbery in the state.

Sometimes last year, Gov. Obiano launched CCTV to monitor, dictate, and help to capture criminals in the state which was celebrated by every well-meaning Onye Anambra, believing that no criminal in the state will escape from their crimes but unfortunately, the CCTV seems not working while billions of Naira appropriated for it had gone.

Today in Anambra, no one including men of military and paramilitary can boost of being safe due to the failure of our government to provide the necessary alternatives to ensure the safety of lives and properties.

Recently, several young men were killed in Awka which calls for a serious review in the security system of the state, but it seems like the state leadership is not much concerned with the state of insecurity in the state as their media officials are keenly focusing on the Airport media hype.

Having seen and accessed the poor manifestation of Obiano’s administration as regards creating an economy, securing lives and properties, etc, Ndi Anambra must look inwards to elect a Governor whose appetite is to secure, promote, and reaffirmed the greater Anambra we are long yearning for.

Anambra can’t move forward if we fail to seek a panacea that will transverse Anambra state. Therefore, it’s paramount that we must elect an enthusiast of a greater Anambra so that insecurity, unemployment, etc, will be history in Anambra state.

Certainly, the man with the mantra of #KaAnambraChawapu had proven to be the most enthusiastic person with the vision of making Anambra state great.